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Dollar Xpress is doing it`s research to find the absolute best CBD products for it`s customers. We do have very good CBD in our store at this moment but we will be adding new CBD products as the weeks progress. I look at the distributors third-party lab analysis to determine that 500 mg is really 500 mg and not 250 mg in a 500 mg bottle or for pesticide, heavy metals and NO-THC or less than <0.3% Full-Spectrum. 


Soaps for Dry Skin

Black soap is good for oily skin and acne Charcoal Aloe is good for dry skin, oily patches and acne Pine Tar is good for Eczema and...

Belladonna`s Fragrant Collection

Belladonna starts out with there bath salts to clean the rough parts of your body, then we cleanse your facial with sugar scrubs that...

HIMI Head Ultimate Red

Our sauce is gluten-free with organic spices, kosher certified and zero calories. Our product is used in gourmet restaurants to backyard...

101 Loads Per-Bottle

4X concentrated heavy duty laundry detergent that removes dirt, brightens fabrics and leaves a fresh clean scent.

HUE Legging & Tights

$2.00 off HUE Legging & $1.00 off Hue Tights in all sizes and styles. Tax Free on all HUE socks.


Please take note of our new store hours. Thank you! #DollarXpress Monday - CLOSED Tuesday - Thursday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM Friday - Saturday...